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Laparoscopic Surgery

Best Laparoscopic surgeon

RP OBS GYNAE INFERTILITY  CLINIC is a pioneer centre for gynae laparoscopic procedure.Dr Renu Gupta our laparoscopic surgeon having 30 year of experience laparoscopic surgery

This centre ia known for its quality and expertise in these procedures.
Diagnostic laparoscopy is a very useful tool for diagnosing chronic pelvic pains and for unexplained  infertility.

Operative laparoscopy is done for

  1. DUB
  2. Endometriosis
  3. Fibroids
  4. Hydrosalpinx
  6. Ovarian cystectomy
  7. Ovarian drilling for PCOD
  8. Ovariotomy
  9. Chromopertubation for tubal patency
  10. Ectopic pregnancy